November 2016

Extra Stuff

Greet the Snow Season Royal Family-Style: Go on a Ski Holiday

The Cambridges share a mutual love for the snow in the Alps. Both the press and holiday-goers often spotted Will and Kate in Klosters, a Swiss resort William used to frequent with his father. It was in the same resort that rumours about the royal couple’s then-budding love affair sparked, after they were photographed together on the slopes. Even after the arrival of Prince George…

A Healthy You

4 Aging Issues and How to Battle Them

Although ageing is inevitable, some people still try to hold on to their youth by taking care of themselves better. There’s also no shame in getting cosmetic treatments to help delay ageing and keep your youthful glow showing. Here are some signs of ageing and a few treatments to help you battle them. Thinning Hair Thinning hair, balding and severe hair loss can start as…

Hard Choices

Music Therapy: Key to Improving the Lives of Special Needs Children

Experts have found that exposure to music right from birth can encourage brain development in infants. Some pregnant women even listen to classical tunes in the belief that it will make their babies be born smarter. In fact, babies respond to music through simple movements in the womb, and can remember the music played to them up until four months from when they’ve been born….

Health A-Z

Could Bone Medication Change the Nature of Tooth Implants?

No matter how advanced they have become, dental treatments are not without their failures. Even for a procedure as common as a dental implant, patients should recognise the difference between guaranteed standards and guaranteed results. Dentists can offer the former, but can only strive for the latter. After all, tooth implants are only as good as the bones into which they are inserted. Secret Combination…

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How To Make Your Kids Not Fear The Dentists

For some children, a trip to the dentist is probably the best way to ruin a weekend. And for some parents, it is often heartbreaking to see kids crying before, during and after a dental appointment. But who could blame them? Dental procedures can be quite scary to most children and even to some adults. If you have children, here are some tips from…

Extra Stuff

You Just Didn’t Notice It: 3 Celebrities Who Wore Invisalign Braces

Most people think that once they get past their teenage years, they could no longer fix their teeth – and their smiles. For many of them, it’s shameful to wear traditional braces when they’re already old. It can be traced back to the popular misconception that braces are only for the youngsters. Bow House a Centre of Dental Excellence, a Hertfordshire dental practice, says that…

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Digital Stress: Why are Adolescents Suffering from It?

Has your teenage son or daughter been feeling down and isolated these past days or weeks, for no apparent reason? Not all children are open to their parents, and not being able to relate their thoughts leaves them distressed and you clueless. If your children are unnaturally quiet or distanced lately, something must have happened. A study suggests that if nothing happened in school or…

Health A-Z

Family Dental Health: Watching What You Put In Your Mouths

Raising a family entails responsibilities and maintaining your household's dental health is an important duty. Considering how vital oral hygiene is today, you might give special thought to what your family members are putting into their mouths. Here are a few essential suggestions: Healthy Foods – One of the most important ways of keeping your teeth and gums healthy is making sure that you have a…