Losing Weight the Healthy Way

Woman measuring her waistMany are struggling with losing weight, so they turn to crash diets and too much vigorous exercise. This, however, is not the right way to lose weight. The body needs gradual changes when it comes to food intake and exercise. Rushing things will likely hurt your body more than help it.

You will find many workout programs for weight loss, but they all stem from a few basic principles. Thus, you only have to follow these basic steps.

Reduce Your Intake of Sugars, Starches, and Unhealthy Fats

Sugar and starch stimulate insulin secretion which is the body’s main fat storage hormone. The two beneficial outcomes of keeping your insulin at a minimum are:

  • The body burns fats instead of carbs because fats are easily removed from the storage fats; and
  • Your kidneys flush unwanted sodium and water out of the body, which results in less bloating and water weight.

Add More Protein, Fat and Vegetables in Your Diet

The proper way to plan your meals is to include protein, healthy fats and low carb vegetables.

Eating plenty of protein is highly encouraged. Here are some benefits of a high protein diet:

  • It can boost your metabolism by 80 to 100 calories a day;
  • Reduce your desire for a late-night snack by 60%; and
  • Make you feel fuller without actually consuming a lot of calories.

Proper Exercise

A strenuous exercise regime is not necessary when you are already eating right. Lifting weights or doing cardio workouts 3–4 times a week may be enough. You could hire a trainer if you are a first-timer in a gym. Remember not to push yourself too hard, so you don’t pull a muscle or anything.

Food is essential to the body as it converts it into energy. However, excess food that the body doesn’t need is converted into fat instead. To avoid this, you should only eat what your body needs or increase your physical activities. Furthermore, introduce change to the body as slowly as possible.