New Year Resolutions Still Up? It’s Not Too Late: Here are the Fitness Trends this Year

JoggingIn recent years, the world is becoming more health-conscious, causing the emergence of healthy options from food to habits and of course, workouts. This comes after the increasing number of diseases from sedentary lifestyles that have taken their toll in so many lives.

One of the most famous trends to look out for is fitness. Despite busy schedules, people are becoming more engrossed with working out, no matter how hard it is. This is because of new fitness trends that come and go. Some of them are upgraded every once in a while which aims to develop the workout and make it efficient for users. Unlike before, most gyms and fitness centers now require their trainers to have cert 3 in fitness training, which makes the training more scientific and results-oriented.

Here are the top fitness trends to look out for this 2016.


In the past few years, running marathons have become one of the trends. Good thing is, it is still an effective way to lose weight, build endurance and reduce the risk of certain diseases. In 2016, it is expected to continue its rise to popularity, particularly those that involve long distance running.

There are many programs being initiated for causes. Run-for-a-cause events are taking countries by storm. The interesting is, it can be combined with other activities such as swimming and cycling, as in triathlons.


Who doesn’t like the feeling of relaxation and fitness rolled into one? Yoga is just an irresistible fitness trend for many people. Aside from being relaxed, it requires less “sweaty” activities and it boosts circulation throughout the body.

Sports Wearables

Apple, Samsung and now, Under Armour are just three of the companies that are developing sports wearables. Aside from being convenient, they track fitness goals for users and gauge their improvement.

Body Weight Training

This activity shows that fitness can go back to basics. This boils down to using the body’s weight to lose weight. There’s no need for gym time or lifting weights that are just too hard for freshies.


This is one of the surging physical activities this year. Aside from letting you unwind and enjoy nature, it also contributes to losing weight, boosting endurance and promoting stamina. It is good for the heart since it practices to pump blood effectively, hence enhancing circulation. There are now cycling classes offered indoors, which are called circuit training.

Physical fitness is not an ordinary activity. It requires the assistance and guidance of a trained professional. This is because, if used or done inappropriately, it can lead to serious injuries.