A Healthy You

Beauty Benefits of Regular Exercise

Have you ever thought of what exercise does to your hair and skin? How about your sleeping patterns and libido? Regular exercise has a myriad of benefits, which gives an extra incentive when you feel lazy to lace up those sneakers and head to the gym. 1. Getting an instant glow Dump all the expensive, fancy lotions. An exercise program for women is one of the…

Hard Choices

Five Practices and Things that Are Slowly Killing Your Eyes

You may not see it, but you may actually be putting your eye health and vision in danger. Poor and unhealthy lifestyle choices can lead to reduced quality of eyesight. In worse cases, it can lead to serious conditions like permanent blindness. Check out the following practices and things that are truly not so friendly to your overall eye health. Unhealthy diet If you have…

Hard Choices

5 Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

You know that good nutrition and stress management alone is not enough to keep yourself fit and healthy. You also know that a good dose of regular exercise is important to keep your muscles in perfect tone and your cardiovascular system in tip-top shape. Nonetheless, you do realize that the single most important determinant of exercise success is motivation. Many individuals are upbeat at hitting…