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Family Dental Health: Watching What You Put In Your Mouths

Raising a family entails responsibilities and maintaining your household's dental health is an important duty. Considering how vital oral hygiene is today, you might give special thought to what your family members are putting into their mouths. Here are a few essential suggestions: Healthy Foods – One of the most important ways of keeping your teeth and gums healthy is making sure that you have a…

Hard Choices

The Maudsley Method: Anorexia Nervosa Treatment and the Role of the Family

The Maudsley Method is a family based treatment approach for anorexia nervosa, originally developed by Christopher Dare and his team in 1985 at London’s Maudsley Hospital. It is essentially a rigorous outpatient treatment approach where parents of the affected child play a positive and crucial role during treatment, under the supervision of experienced healthcare professionals. How Does the Maudsley Method Work? Similar to other family…

Hard Choices

Get Your Affairs in Order: Being Prepared for the Big Sleep

Your doctor instructs you to “get your affairs in order” after your last appointment. It is perhaps one of the simplest yet most devastating sentences in the world. It means it’s over; there’s nothing more that can be done. Nobody’s ever truly prepared to face this kind of situation. Dying is, as they say, the great equalizer, in that nobody can escape it—whatever race, whatever…