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How To Make Your Kids Not Fear The Dentists

For some children, a trip to the dentist is probably the best way to ruin a weekend. And for some parents, it is often heartbreaking to see kids crying before, during and after a dental appointment. But who could blame them? Dental procedures can be quite scary to most children and even to some adults. If you have children, here are some tips from…

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Binge Eating Could Be Eating You from the Inside Out

Binge-eating may not be as recognized as bulimia or anorexia, but it’s the most prevalent eating disorder in the United States. The condition affects 3 to 5% of American women, compared to the 1% affected by anorexia and 1 to 2% by bulimia. Unfortunately, fewer than 50% of patients seek out help for their binge eating disorder (BED). As if the disorder isn’t crippling enough, a recent…

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Dental Health Professionals Raise Awareness About Oral Health

In celebration of National Dentist’s Day 2016, health professionals put dental health awareness under the spotlight. WHO says up to 90% of school children and almost 100% of adults have dental cavities, while up to 20% of middle-aged adults have severe gum disease. In the United States, more than 100 million people fail to see the dentist each year, American Dental Association reveals. A 2014…