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Ways to Manage Your Hospital’s Staffing Shortages

The demand for talent in your hospital can be overwhelming, given the ever-rising demand for quality health care. Your medical facility’s profitability suffers a big blow if you experience constant staffing difficulties. With these proven tips, however, you can solve any staffing problems you are experiencing and provide needed health services throughout the year. Hire temporary staff While you may do your best to have…

Hard Choices

Get Your Affairs in Order: Being Prepared for the Big Sleep

Your doctor instructs you to “get your affairs in order” after your last appointment. It is perhaps one of the simplest yet most devastating sentences in the world. It means it’s over; there’s nothing more that can be done. Nobody’s ever truly prepared to face this kind of situation. Dying is, as they say, the great equalizer, in that nobody can escape it—whatever race, whatever…

Hard Choices

Test the Waters or Take the Plunge? Mini vs. Full Facelifts

As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and your facial fat tissue begins to deteriorate. The skin in your neck, eye areas, and along your jaw line begins to sag. Hollows and depressions in your face start to develop. In issues like these, cosmetic surgery can help you through facelifts. To achieve the best results, you must know beforehand the different procedures that you…