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A Healthy You

The Secret to Healthy & Younger-Looking Glow

Achieve the perfect and ageless glow you’ve always wanted. Discover the power of going au-naturel without worrying about skin imperfections. All you have to do is to follow these beauty care tips and you’ll be saying goodbye to acne, blemishes and unwanted marks, in no time. Boost Your Skin’s Defense against the Sun This is probably the most essential step you must remember. Extended exposure to the…

A Healthy You

6 Effective Ways to Healthy, Young-Looking Skin

Ageing and other factors damage the skin sooner than you expect. This becomes truer if you take skincare for granted. Everyone who wants to have healthy and young-looking skin though can make the dream come true by doing these tips. 1. Clean your skin regularly. Your skin is exposed to pollutants every day. Pollutants along with the products you apply on your skin can cause…

A Healthy You

Beauty Benefits of Regular Exercise

Have you ever thought of what exercise does to your hair and skin? How about your sleeping patterns and libido? Regular exercise has a myriad of benefits, which gives an extra incentive when you feel lazy to lace up those sneakers and head to the gym. 1. Getting an instant glow Dump all the expensive, fancy lotions. An exercise program for women is one of the…