The Parts of a Dental Implant and How They Work

Dental ImplantsDental implants have been around for long. You may have heard people getting it to replace their missing teeth. You might have considered getting one after losing your on permanent teeth, as well. It may sound scary because it might involve surgery.

PDC Dental noted that this treatment, however, is the ideal choice when you wish to replace lost tooth and bring back your beautiful smile. Implants may look like natural tooth, but there is more to them than meets the eye. Here is a rundown of the parts of a dental implant.

The Screw

This part is the actual implant lodged into your gums. Your dentist will insert this titanium piece as the foundation of the artificial tooth. It may take a few days before you come back to your dentist after this because it needs to fuse with your gums. This integration process allows the implant to become a part of your jaw much like how real teeth work.

The Abutment

This is what connects the screw to the crown. It is the bridge between the root and the head allowing the two parts to attach together securely. An abutment is generally made of titanium, which is strong enough to keep the crown in place.

The Crown

This is the part you will only see once the procedure is done. It will appear like your natural tooth, but it is made of porcelain. It is durable and may allow you to bite onto food like you used to. Like regular tooth, it may still collect plaque on the surface, so you still have to clean it by brushing.

Unlike other equipment used to replace missing teeth, dental implants are permanent. You do not have to remove it every night or have trouble with it falling out of your mouth. They are actual tooth replacements you can count on.